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Shutter-Happy Photography

Amy Bierstedt is the award-winning photographer behind Shutter-Happy.

Having opened the business in 2004, Amy now has over fourteen years of portrait photography experience, and is here to use her knowledge of posing and lighting to capture your family's most precious moments...beautifully.

Who is Amy?

Loves- her friends and family, her two "all-boy" boys, her chickens, trying new recipes, her roombas, gardening, music, cupcakes, her other business (From Scratch Farm), and photography.

Addictions- chocolate, dill pickles, bacon

Pet peeves- clutter, rude people, bad drivers

Goals- to be remembered as a kind person, a wonderful photographer, and a great mom

Favorite places- the beach, parks, her backyard, her own bed

Things she doesn't leave the house without- lipstick, From Scratch Farm lip balm, thermos of water, a camera

Favorite things about her job- capturing that "perfect" moment; getting to be creative, trying new things, and challenging herself to be better every year; clients that truly listen to her suggestions and trust her expertise

What clients compliment her for the most- her patience

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