FINALLY Settled In!!!

Would you like to know the chilling tale of why it took so long for us to finally call it done?

We were actually on the ball. We had lots of improvements being done as we were moving in. We had lots of help to get things out of the old place and into the new. And we busted our tails to get things unpacked and into their new places. The hold-up was a buffet (the dreaded, beautiful, turquoise buffet).

The first one arrived just a couple of weeks after our move-in date. But it was broken. The second one arrived just in time for our ribbon-cutting. But it was broken. The third arrived just a few weeks later. But it was broken. And they were all so smashed, there was no hope that our handyman skills could fix them. Finally, the fourth just arrived before summer drew to a close. It was also broken. BUT, it was in good enough shape to use! Yay! So it was official… we were FINALLY done!

Want to see the place?

First, we changed the drab outside. Hired Lara Painting & Stain to build shutters for the windows and then paint the entire house. Next, we had Dream Image Landscape & Design come in to spruce up the nonexistent landscaping. Voila!


Once you open that front door, this is the wall that you see. This was the space we left empty for three months, just waiting for the buffet.


If you turn to the left, you’ll walk into a living room-like space. It’s now a camera room. We created our garden scene. We put up our barn wall. We made a cozy, girly spot. And we set up a “photo booth” couch, where clients can now have fun with the props on their way home from their portrait session.



The other room to the left was a bedroom, closet, and bathroom that we turned into our office and a small playroom. I’ll save those pics for another day.

Now, if you head right from the front door, you’ll find the entire rest of the house. First you run into the kitchen/dining room. The kitchen is now the retail space for From Scratch Farm. I’ll save those pics for another day. The dining room is now a camera room. Our big turquoise rug, a tile wall that I spray painted silver, and lots of background options.


Next, you’ll find the second bathroom. And I bought a shower curtain cute enough for portraits. 😉


Then we changed a bedroom into another camera room. We hung our wall papers, moved our small fire place in, and decorated it as colorfully as we could.


We kept a tiny bedroom as a bedroom. Moved in a bed, bedding, and cute curtains. I absolutely adore this girly set-up. But don’t worry- we have other colors of bedding and decor, for the boys too.


We turned the last small bedroom into a nursery. Set up a crib, a vintage stroller, and other baby items.


And last is a second living area, complete with beautiful wood floors, gorgeous windows, and an old stove/fireplace. Fell in love with this room immediately. And couldn’t wait to change out the lighting for our chandeliers… and move in all of our colorful backdrops, tile wall, and our big couches.


Of course, there’s lots more in the backyard I want to show off. Not yet. But I’ll post soon.

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