Fun Celebration, Good Eats, Cool Addition, and Big News!!!

Posted in Uncategorized on April 16th, 2017 by Amy

I had a little fun with Employee Appreciation Day the whole week of the holiday!  Since I love her… and it was right around her 3-year-anniversary… I sent little gifts to Allison throughout the week!  And topped everything off with a staff meeting lunch at Peggy’s on the Green.  Fabulous weather, food, and waitress, we had a fantastic time!  And after I posted a photo or two of our lunch onto my From Scratch Farm instagram page, I was invited back to do some photography and blogging.  So Allison and I got to enjoy another amazing lunch at Peggy’s!  Yum, yum!

Shutter-Happy Photography, Peggy's on the Green, Employee Appreciation Day

Then we had a big announcement, just in time for bluebonnet and Easter session scheduling- online booking!!!  We know how busy everyone is.  Believe me, we know!  So I finally made myself sit down, do a little research, and learn a new system.  Once the program was integrated into our website, we were good to go!  All of our past clients have still been in the habit of calling to schedule.  But we’ve had some newbies use the system… and have great things to say about it.

We would love for more people to test this out.  So if you find you just can’t pick up the phone to call, please head into our website and click that “Book Online” tab!

Shutter-Happy Photography, Book Online

And last, we have BIG news!!!  Knowing that our 3-year lease will be coming to an end on May 31st, we began looking for new spaces back in March.  After doing our own driving around for hours and visiting with friends about ideas, we got together with a realtor… and found our spot!  It’s tiny!  (we’re losing over 1,000 square feet)  But it’s the one large room, with exposed brick, at an awesome location that I’ve always wanted!  We have yet to be able to sign a lease, so I can’t say anything about where we’re moving to.  But soon enough, we will be shouting from the rooftops and starting in on some fabulous window displays!  Watch for it all!!!