The Evolution of Our Family Portrait

Posted in Uncategorized on September 27th, 2014 by Amy

I can’t explain the desire to put us through this each year. It’s just there. So everybody had just better play along. 😉

2003. Ben was born. I wasn’t a professional photographer yet. But I wanted it done, so we headed out Upper Cibolo Rd… and had my dad shoot a handful of images with his camera.


2004. We loved the Pipe Creek Christmas Tree Farm. Why not take a pic there? And why not let my dad help us again?


2005. I had now plunged into being a professional photographer. I had the backdrops, the lighting, the good camera. I had found matching clothes. But I hadn’t studied posing yet. Put Ben on a block. Hubby and I sat next to him. Had my camera on a tripod, on its timer. And my sister-in-law was in charge of making Ben smile.


2006. How did we all happen to have pumpkin orange to wear?! We were so excited, we couldn’t help but snuggle so close that no one could breathe. 😉 Thanks to my camera’s timer and a tripod, we captured this “beauty.”


2007. I was only a handful of weeks pregnant… and SO sick. But for some reason, I was determined to get out to Lost Maples. We’d capture the glory of the beautifully-changing fall leaves! But everyone else in the area had decided to do the same thing. And the leaves really weren’t that great. But I was happy with our camera/timer/tripod combo again (since Ben had totally learned to behave and look right at the camera).


2008. A new little person was added to our family! And I went out of my way to find all of us some green to wear. I timed our portraits with this beautiful spot at the nature center. And my parents came to try to get both kids to smile. I still find this very rich, warm, and pretty.


2009. Oops. Gray was a bad idea. A more dramatic lighting was a bad idea. Lesson learned.


2010. I loved our colors, I loved the setting. Thanks to my parents, we captured another one for the books. And this was printed as a big canvas, that sat on our mantle at our old house, at the apartment we lived in for a year, and then at our new house. It was only just recently replaced.


2011. These clothes were picked specifically with the beach in mind. But the weekend that we drove down to Port A was cloudy and rainy. So we changed gears and took the portraits at the studio a couple of weeks later. Voila! Great pic! My only regret was Evan’s haircut.


2012. We decided to try the beach again. Fairly dark, terribly windy. But there was no rain. So we threw on our grays and purples… and headed out to capture this.


2013. Tripod, camera, timer. Red, white, and blue clothes. Dog treats in hand and mealworms thrown all over the ground. Somehow got the perfect image of the four of us plus our dog, the two guinea pigs, and most of the ten chickens. Epic!


But haven’t even thought about this year’s. Better get on it!