2013 Outdoor Family Fair

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d3x_9835.jpgAllison, Jeanette, Lindsey, and I represented the studio at Boerne’s annual Outdoor Family Fair on Saturday.  (our third year to participate)

We visited with parents, had all of our favorite items out for display, and handed out lollipops and pens.

We also had parents register for our drawing for a free purse.  But we had such a great response to the drawing and our other products…
We decided to go ahead and draw five winners (instead of one).
And we’re going to let those five decide if they’d like the free purse OR a free phone skin (since so many people LOVED these too).
Jeanette will be calling the winners soon… so listen for our call!

d3x_9826.jpgWe also had our photo booth along.  And it was a blast!  (made me wonder why we’ve had it in storage for almost two years)
Moms, dads, grandparents, and kids alike all got to squeeze into the booth and have fun with our silly props as they acted silly for the camera.
And I had a chance to go through all of the pics yesterday and this morning… so they’re all now up on facebook.  We encourage you to tag yourself (or your kids).  And everyone is more than welcomed to right-click and save the images, to enjoy.

Hope everyone had a great time at the event!  And maybe we’ll see you at the Best of BoerneFest in May!!!

Another New Employee!!!

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d3x_9510-sh.jpgI just realized that I have never introduced our newest team member.  Yes, I posted all of the new group photos, but I never announced Allison…

Allison comes to us to help Emily with sales.  While Emily will stick with the weekday ordering appointments, Allison is going to be able to meet with clients on some weeknights as well as some Saturdays.  Yay!

One great thing is that we hired her during our slowest season.  We got to get to know her (and love her), and she got to know the business, way before she’s having to conduct her first sales appointment.  Feeling that she’s well trained, we can’t wait for her to jump in and really begin working with our clients.

Outtakes and Bloopers ;)

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Hired Jeanette about three months ago. Allison joined our team last month. It was time for a new staff photo! And while we got some good ones, I couldn't help but share these too..... ;)

First, just showing off my team... and Emily decides to stick her tongue out at me!

Next, trying to be serious. I think Jeanette and I have the "cool" look down. But the other three? They'd never be allowed on a band's album cover!

Having a little fun.

And then someone's munchkin decided to photo-bomb the image.

And then we finally have proof of the abuse I take!






LOVE my job! LOVE these girls! SO blessed to be doing this!