Ready to Qliq?

Posted in Uncategorized on February 12th, 2012 by Amy

qliq_traditional_medium_option4.pngWe love offering our clients more ways to save on their portraits.  But just like most things, trial and error take a while… 

1- We’ve tried giving away great deals with the online deal sites.  But with every one we tried, we found we were actually losing money.

2- We’ve really wanted to treat our most loyal clients.  But the giveaways we were doing through facebook just weren’t doing that.

So???  We’re trying out Qliq, the newest smart phone app!

Check it out now!  And see how easy it is to earn qliq points and save….

To get $100 off one of our portrait plans:
All you have to do is drop by the studio to visit with Emily about the details and scan our barcode.

To get your session’s slideshow link to share with friends and family:
Just scan our barcode at your session, get points when you purchase, and earn the last of the points you need when you rate our business and write a quick review.