Image Competition!!!

Posted in Uncategorized on October 28th, 2011 by Amy

I entered images in the NAPCP image competition back in July.  Critiques, scores, and winners were supposed to be announced by mid-September.  As the last days of October are about to squeak by, I finally got an e-mail with all the results!

Am very proud to say that some of my favorites received Above Average and Excellent scores.  Here they are…..


Thank you to all the clients who sign our model release forms to allow me to use their images for advertising and competitions.  I appreciate you letting me show off your beautiful portraits and helping me to learn and grow as a photographer.

Another 5K!!!

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dsc04055.jpgDespite a vacation/work trip to the beach, packing up and moving into an apartment and storage unit, aching knees, and getting very little time to run and train for the next 5k, I did it anyway… and so did the girls.

Fabra Elementary’s event yesterday was great!

It started with a family 1-mile Fun Run/Walk.  Ben did great, ran almost the whole way.  And Evan jogged and walked with Nathan.  He’s such a trooper; he did awesome!  Both boys got medals for participation.  🙂

Then, Emily, Beth, and I had our 5k.  Goal was just to do better than two weeks ago.  And we did!

My time two weeks ago was 38:09.  Yesterday was 33:56.  Yay!

Last time we all finished under 42 minutes.  Yesterday, we all came in under the 41 minute mark.

SO proud of us!  And I’d say I’m totally excited about the next one… but it’s in December… and it’s going to be so cold.  Brrrrr!  😉

Race results

Supporting the Community

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dsc03711-copy.jpgWe are now official sponsors of:
*Curington’s Walk-a-Thon
*Kendall’s Run the Gauntlet
*Fabra’s 5K
*Cibolo Creek’s Country Fair

We love being able to support our local elementaries!

We also donated a gift certificate to the Race at the Ranch event that went on Saturday night.  They had a 5k, auction, and bbq dinner.  We were unable to attend, but we hope our gift certificate for a portrait session and large art piece (which was worth about $500) helped them raise much-needed money for the Dutton family here in our community.

And Saturday night we supported the Cibolo Nature Center.  I purchased tickets for all the staff and husbands to attend their gala.  And we donated a gift certificate for a free portrait session and any size art piece (worth about $1000).  We all had a wonderful time at the event and hope our donation was able to raise funds for the preserve.

(Attached it the pic of us girls all “prettied” up for the event)  🙂

Our “Practice” 5K

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imag0033.jpgThe Fabra 5k on October 15th was presented to us a couple of months ago.  Figuring we had plenty of time to train, we decided to go for it.

We all downloaded the Couch to 5K app on our phones.  And we got Pandora rockin’ with our favorite music.

On track to be ready for the 5k on the 15th, another 5k (St. Peter’s) popped up.  It was two weeks before any of us were really scheduled to finish our training, but we decided to do it anyway.

Emily and I were able to jog the whole way.  All three of us finished within 42 minutes.  Really, not bad for our first one.  So proud of us!

Race results