Finalists Announced!

Posted in Uncategorized on April 12th, 2011 by Amy

finalists.jpgVoting for the Cutest Kid in America ended in a flurry of last-minute votes on Sunday night.  Official results were just announced today.

And out of the top five spots in Texas, we took three of those!  :)  (1st, 4th, and 5th)  Congratulations to the three gorgeous girls- Olivia, Macy, and Riley!

Next, the judges take all 50 finalists throughout US and Canada and choose their top three favorites.  Those will be announced on the 25th!!!  We’ll be waiting on pins and needles to see if one of these beauties take a big prize!!!

Finalist Gallery

Happy Anniversary, Emily!

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We’re still not sure when Emily actually started working for Shutter-Happy.  ;) 

But I know Alice and I started talking to her about the first of April about just taking over some marketing tasks.  Her first big job was helping me with the Rainbow Play Systems’ Easter Extravaganza (which was about this time last year).  And then it snowballed!

Alice had to leave her job… Emily agreed to take over all those consulting and scheduling duties too, as my consultant.

We found the studio… Emily agreed to take over ordering appointments, and we gave her the title “studio manager”.

Business boomed… She’s now helping with every appointment, unpacking deliveries, packaging orders, framing prints, running errands, helping clients design beautiful orders, taking care of every phone call, etc, etc!  All, just so I can keep my full attention on creating and printing the beautiful images my clients are used to.

Thank you, Emily!  Thanks to you, the workflow is running smoothly, clients are happy, business is better than it has ever been, and I am sane.  :)  I’m proud of you for how much you’ve learned this last year and how much you’ve helped make “my baby” such a success.

Boerne Education Foundation’s Gala

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dsc01908.jpgWhat a great night!!!

Shutter-Happy had a table for the whole staff, past and present.  Through two silent auction donations, we raised hundreds of dollars for the local schools.  We had wonderful conversations, enjoyed visiting with the community and clients, and were treated to a great dinner and delicious dessert!

Our auction donations?
We gave away one free portrait party (which was packaged with gifts from other neat local businesses).  Worth $300.  🙂
And we gave away a free portrait session and any size paper art piece.  Worth $1000!!!!

Time to Vote for the Cutest Kid in America!

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We have 31 entries in the National Model Search!  And they’re all so adorable, it will be very hard to choose our favorites.  So we ask that you go vote too!

Two ways to make your choices:
Choose who you want to win and give it favorites points through April 5th, 11:59pm (you get five free favorites points per e-mail address)
Vote as much as you want for your favorite images at $1 per vote through April 10th, 11:59pm

Model Search Site