Our Christmas Portraits

Posted in Uncategorized on September 22nd, 2010 by Amy

untitled_2_006.jpgA few reasons for posting these…

1- It’s the Christmas portrait season!  We want you to start planning now so you’re not rushing at the last minute to create your beautiful images and Christmas cards.
2- To show you all kinds of color ideas.  You don’t have to wear white!
dsc_11661.jpg3- It’s fun to look back at these.  😉


Each year since Ben was born, we’ve been posing for Christmas portraits.  And each one of these is printed as an 8×10 canvas.  And they’re all hanging as a collage in our hallway.



2003- Was not a photographer yet.  Obviously didn’t know how to dress, light, or pose.  My dad took the pic.  Very end of Upper Cibolo Creek Rd.



2004- Still not a photographer.  Doing a little better with clothing?  My dad took the pic again.  Pipe Creek Christmas Tree Farm.


2005- Had started my business.  Looking much better.  Tripod was set up, with camera on self-timer.  Our living room.



2006- Good colors, close pose.  Tripod and self-timer.  Our living room.



2007- Great colors and pose.  Tripod and self-timer.  Lost Maples State Park.  (very tough day, feeling awful with morning sickness)



2008- Awesome colors, close pose.  We’re back to my dad taking the image.  Cibolo Nature Center.



2009- Cool colors, relaxed pose.  My dad took the image again.  Studio.



Our New Employee!

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61941_477453068059_128103803059_6752478_6280383_n.jpgWell, employee… or just part of the team… or is he a prop?

Welcome Ferdinand (or “Ferdy”), named after the funny duck on the movie Babe.  He is a white’s tree frog that we purchased this morning.  We have made him a permanent home at the studio.  And he can be used for any of your children’s portrait sessions.

That’s right, along with all the beautiful portrait clothes you pack for your session, don’t forget the cute overalls or jeans and t-shirts.  Indoors our out, he is going to be a cute and unique addition to some of your images!