New Christmas Mini-Sessions

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We have a brand new offering, that we hope will be a yearly tradition!  We’re partnering up with Pipe Creek Christmas Tree Farm to offer a handful of mini-sessions among their beautiful trees!

$100, one hour long sessions.  For the whole family or for just the kiddos.

The only catch is that there are only a few select dates that we can choose from.  And we don’t want to pick ones that won’t work for our clients.  So….. the first clients to call and book will actually get to help us pick the dates/times that will be offered to the public.

So get to it!  Call and book NOW!  888-311-5207



We’ve Moved!!!!!!

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It was all a hurry up and wait process.  And then scurry and hold on moments again.  But we’re in our new place… and loving it!



We no longer have over 3,000 square feet and a big outdoor space.  In fact, we now have less than 1,000 square feet.  But…

We’re on Main Street!  And we have one large camera room (something that I’ve always wanted)!  We have a great picture window that we can decorate!  And we’re still so close to home, I can ride my bike to work (if I want)!

It’s a pretty awesome spot!!!

Okay, enough with the exclamation points…


So what are we up to right now?

Summer Fun Limited Edition Mini-Sessions.  Umbrellas, watermelon, playing in the dirt, jumping in the sprinkler, bubbles, fairy wings, camping scenes, dipping into the creek, and fun with pets.

Summer Fun


And Limited Edition Seashore Sessions.  Can be booked any time before September 30th.  Or clients can join us in South Padre from August 13th to 18th.



And what’s coming up, you ask?  We would love if you could join us for our ribbon cutting and anniversary celebration on August 3rd.  The Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a ribbon cutting at 11:30.  And then everyone is welcomed to come and go, as we celebrate 13 years in business… with snacks, drinks, and prizes!



Ribbon cutting facebook invitation- click here

Fun Celebration, Good Eats, Cool Addition, and Big News!!!

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I had a little fun with Employee Appreciation Day the whole week of the holiday!  Since I love her… and it was right around her 3-year-anniversary… I sent little gifts to Allison throughout the week!  And topped everything off with a staff meeting lunch at Peggy’s on the Green.  Fabulous weather, food, and waitress, we had a fantastic time!  And after I posted a photo or two of our lunch onto my From Scratch Farm instagram page, I was invited back to do some photography and blogging.  So Allison and I got to enjoy another amazing lunch at Peggy’s!  Yum, yum!

Shutter-Happy Photography, Peggy's on the Green, Employee Appreciation Day

Then we had a big announcement, just in time for bluebonnet and Easter session scheduling- online booking!!!  We know how busy everyone is.  Believe me, we know!  So I finally made myself sit down, do a little research, and learn a new system.  Once the program was integrated into our website, we were good to go!  All of our past clients have still been in the habit of calling to schedule.  But we’ve had some newbies use the system… and have great things to say about it.

We would love for more people to test this out.  So if you find you just can’t pick up the phone to call, please head into our website and click that “Book Online” tab!

Shutter-Happy Photography, Book Online

And last, we have BIG news!!!  Knowing that our 3-year lease will be coming to an end on May 31st, we began looking for new spaces back in March.  After doing our own driving around for hours and visiting with friends about ideas, we got together with a realtor… and found our spot!  It’s tiny!  (we’re losing over 1,000 square feet)  But it’s the one large room, with exposed brick, at an awesome location that I’ve always wanted!  We have yet to be able to sign a lease, so I can’t say anything about where we’re moving to.  But soon enough, we will be shouting from the rooftops and starting in on some fabulous window displays!  Watch for it all!!!

Where Did 2016 Go?!

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SO much happened last year!  I can’t even begin to talk about everything!

But the highlights were….

Had a blast at the annual Parks & Rec Outdoor Family Fair!

Shutter-Happy Photography Outdoor Family Fair

Shutter-Happy Photography Outdoor Family Fair


Enjoyed a delicious lunch at The Dodging Duck for National Employee Appreciation Day!

Shutter-Happy Photography National Employee Appreciation Day


Had a night out with friends and supported the Boerne Education Foundation at their annual gala!

Shutter-Happy Photography Boerne Education Foundation


Celebrated Shutter-Happy’s 12th anniversary with cupcakes!

Shutter-Happy Photography Anniversary


We got to celebrate Allison’s baby (Boston) at her baby shower… and got to visit him at the hospital!

Shutter-Happy Photography Baby Shower


Shutter-Happy Photography Baby


And Ben, Evan, and I had a blast creating our yearly Christmas portrait!  😉

Shutter-Happy Photography Family Portrait


And now we’re busy wrapping up the year and planning for great 2017!!!!!  (have a big announcement coming soon)

The SuperMOM Sponsors!!!!

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This project is taking off! And nominations are being accepted as of today! Thanks to these wonderful people and businesses…









Polly’s Creative Cakes


Access Storage

Voges Veggies

Thin Air

University Bowl

iRun Texas

Hill Country Sitters

Maid in Texas

Prestige Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care

Cafe Communion

Stacey’s Cookie Capers

The Shabby Palette

The SuperMOM Project!!!!

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It’s here! It’s here! Our very first big photography project!

The idea brewed all summer. And then I hit the ground running, searching the town for sponsors… and photographing all the ladies that I consider to be SuperMOMs.


The scoop:

As moms ourselves, our staff knows how rewarding, trying, fulfilling, and difficult being a mom is. Sometimes it’s a thankless job. Sometimes we feel like we’re rockin’ it, but most times we feel like we’re not enough. Whatever our circumstances, and however successful (or unsuccessful) our day is, we’re just doing our best to play SuperMOM.

Shutter-Happy’s goal over the next several months is to find 100 amazing SuperMOMs in our community… to recognize, honor, photograph, and pamper these wonderful women… and tell their stories.

We’re about to start taking nominations from the public. But before then, we’re still looking for some more sponsors to jump on board.


October- Begin taking nominations

November and December- The moms will be notified of their nominations

February and March- We’ll conduct three portrait days, photographing the moms in their SuperMOM t-shirts (that we’ll be gifting to them) and our capes. We’ll also be collecting video interviews from their family and friends, to produce a compilation of sweet thoughts and greetings.

April- Host an event to celebrate the moms, unveil their portraits, and showcase the interviews.

If you would like to be a part of this event in any way, please check out…
The SuperMOM website, to find our sponsor form-
Our GoFundMe page, to make monetary donations-

Each and every dollar or gift will go to make this an even bigger and better (and special) event for these moms!


My Job is Fun!

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Yes, it’s incredibly stressful. Sometimes clients just don’t listen. Sometimes the businesses we’re working with give impossible deadlines. Sometimes we have to fix mistakes that we make. Most times there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

But this is where I have fun, am fulfilled, get to love on sweet babies, get to be silly with kids, am allowed to be creative, get to work with awesome ladies, get to give back to the community…. and more!


Even though Emily and Lindsey are no longer working with us, Allison and I can’t help but want to get together with them when we can. So we celebrated birthdays over the last few months with fun lunches. We took Emily to Las Palapas, ate at Dog & Pony for Allison, and tried out the new Dienger Trading Company for Lindsey’s day.



I spent several days photographing babies, editing their portraits, and working on layouts for the latest calendar for the Hill Country Pregnancy Care Center.



I taught one of our 4-H photography classes at the studio, letting the kids try their hands at posing and focusing. (complete with camera cookies!)


And the new Shutter-Happy temporary tattoos that I designed arrived.. and are so cool!


Yep, just totally love this job!

Best of the Best!!!

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Celebrating 11 years in business this month! And that corresponds with 11 years being voted one of the Best of the Best! (I’m SO proud of that accomplishment!!!)

But I’m also so excited to find out I won the GOLD for the fourth year in a row, for the title of Kendall County’s Best Photographer!

That’s just the icing on the cake, topping the fact that I LOVE my job, employee, and clients!

(enough exclamation points?) 😉


Catching Up!

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Blogging just isn’t my thing. Not because I don’t like it. I just simply don’t have time? Guess I’m so busy posting tidbits to facebook and instagram, it’s easy to neglect this part of the job.

But here’s what I’ve missed talking about:

We had a few new walls built in the yard, to use as backgrounds. Giving us lots of great options for portrait sessions!



We published our very first studio magazine. Filled with all the info you’d ever need to create beautiful portraits with us!


Our staff changed. It’s now just Allison and I. But we make a great team!


We donated to dozens of causes and organizations that needed auction donations. (Had a lady in town, Jennifer, come in and help us juggle all of these auctions for the most intense few months of the year)
-Ellison Elementary
-Kendall County 4-H
-Cystic Fibrosis
-Herff Ranch
-Boerne Community Theater
-Hill Country SPCA
-St. Marks Early Learning Center
-Boerne Education Foundation
-Hill Country Montessori School
-Respite Care
-Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
-One Love Pet Orphanage
-Cordillera Ranch Shindig
-Fair Oaks Ranch Elementary


Our bluebonnets bloomed beautifully. Our black-eyed-susans are show-stoppers right now. And our sunflowers should be opening in the next two weeks.




I found party lights in our logo’s colors, to hang all around the studio.


Went out to lunch at 259 Brantley’s Bistro for National Employee Appreciation Day.


Allison and I attended the Boerne Education Foundation’s gala. (my seventh year to attend and support this wonderful group)


Allison and I talked Lindsey into coming back to work with us for a few hours… for a fun, fun day of dance portraits. And then Allison and I tackled a second day all on our own. It was or third year photographing Lonestar Collective Dance. Love those cute girls, their sweet moms, and their amazing directors!



We celebrated Red Nose Day. On the day of the fundraising event, I sat and watched (and enjoyed) the show… and then made a donation on our behalf. And when our noses came in the following day, we met up at the studio for pics. We look just a little silly with red noses. 😉



And somewhere in all of this activity, I judged a couple of categories in the 4-H photography contest. Enjoyed getting the view the images and give advice. Was blown away by some of the images. Was tickled to receive a thank you card and Sonic gift card in the mail afterwards!


Join our E-Newsletter Mailing List!

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Newsletter Sign-Up

Our Policies Agreement

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The Tassle was Worth the Hassle

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Our first-ever senior day is coming!!! February 21st!!!

You can claim your $25, 15-minute time spot on sign-up genius now.
(you can even have a best friend sign up for the same time slot!)

On the day of, just arrive on time and bring along a favorite outfit or two (we’ll provide the cap and gown).

After your photography time is over you’ll have the opportunity to view your proofs and place your order.


And if you invest in a full senior portrait session at the time of your order, we’ll apply this $25 tassle mini-session fee toward the full session!


We’re on Instagram

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Baby steps for now.

But we expect to reveal some really awesome images and events throughout the next year!

Follow us… and watch for the buzz!!!


Busy Fall Season!

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The last few months have flown by! What a whirlwind of events, activities, and sessions!

I had one morning that I participated in the Shavano Park business/health fair. The weather was perfect. We were stationed under a bunch of old oak trees. It was a nice-sized crowd. And we had lots of people stop by, wanting to visit.


The very next week, we had a great visit with a rep from our photo lab. We gave him a tour of the new studio, he took us out to lunch at The Dodging Duck, we got the scoop on a few new products, and we had a great visit over the industry’s joys, growths, and concerns.


After spending all of July photographing sweet babies for the Hill Country Pregnancy Care Center, I finally started the hard work of editing the images, creating calendar pages, and putting together the layout. Barely beating the deadline, we were able to order thousands of 2015 calendars, for the center to give away at their annual gala… and for us to give away to our clients. Definitely a labor of love!



Next up, we got our fireplace room decorated for Christmas. Tree, wreath, garland, ornaments, stockings, even wrapped presents.


And then, right after my 40th birthday and party, I was surprised with chocolates and balloons for National Boss’ Day!


And now we’re deep in the heart of Christmas portrait season! Will come up for air in January!


The Evolution of Our Family Portrait

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I can’t explain the desire to put us through this each year. It’s just there. So everybody had just better play along. 😉

2003. Ben was born. I wasn’t a professional photographer yet. But I wanted it done, so we headed out Upper Cibolo Rd… and had my dad shoot a handful of images with his camera.


2004. We loved the Pipe Creek Christmas Tree Farm. Why not take a pic there? And why not let my dad help us again?


2005. I had now plunged into being a professional photographer. I had the backdrops, the lighting, the good camera. I had found matching clothes. But I hadn’t studied posing yet. Put Ben on a block. Hubby and I sat next to him. Had my camera on a tripod, on its timer. And my sister-in-law was in charge of making Ben smile.


2006. How did we all happen to have pumpkin orange to wear?! We were so excited, we couldn’t help but snuggle so close that no one could breathe. 😉 Thanks to my camera’s timer and a tripod, we captured this “beauty.”


2007. I was only a handful of weeks pregnant… and SO sick. But for some reason, I was determined to get out to Lost Maples. We’d capture the glory of the beautifully-changing fall leaves! But everyone else in the area had decided to do the same thing. And the leaves really weren’t that great. But I was happy with our camera/timer/tripod combo again (since Ben had totally learned to behave and look right at the camera).


2008. A new little person was added to our family! And I went out of my way to find all of us some green to wear. I timed our portraits with this beautiful spot at the nature center. And my parents came to try to get both kids to smile. I still find this very rich, warm, and pretty.


2009. Oops. Gray was a bad idea. A more dramatic lighting was a bad idea. Lesson learned.


2010. I loved our colors, I loved the setting. Thanks to my parents, we captured another one for the books. And this was printed as a big canvas, that sat on our mantle at our old house, at the apartment we lived in for a year, and then at our new house. It was only just recently replaced.


2011. These clothes were picked specifically with the beach in mind. But the weekend that we drove down to Port A was cloudy and rainy. So we changed gears and took the portraits at the studio a couple of weeks later. Voila! Great pic! My only regret was Evan’s haircut.


2012. We decided to try the beach again. Fairly dark, terribly windy. But there was no rain. So we threw on our grays and purples… and headed out to capture this.


2013. Tripod, camera, timer. Red, white, and blue clothes. Dog treats in hand and mealworms thrown all over the ground. Somehow got the perfect image of the four of us plus our dog, the two guinea pigs, and most of the ten chickens. Epic!


But haven’t even thought about this year’s. Better get on it!